Dr. Gene Serafim is a Board Certified Rehabilitation Specialist who
has undergone rigorous testing and training to bring the most
advanced techniques to help resolve your issues.  
Dr Gene has been practicing manipulation & manual therapy for 16
years.  He believes in science based treatment protocols and is
recognized as a Rehab Specialist after undergoing over 300 hours of
extensive training to receive an Advanced Rehabilitation Diplomate.
He is also a Strength & conditioning Specialist receiving his
certification from NSCA.
His experience allows for seamless post rehab transition into the world
of exercise.
At Kinetx, we will bring everything rehabilitation has to offer and
employ the latest techniques in assessment & treatment to get you
back to doing the things you love.
Dr. Gene practices with a diversified technique that encompasses the
spectrum of manual "hands on" therapies including; Myofacial
Release, Active Release, Post Facilitated Stretching, Post
Neuromuscular Facilitation, Trigger Point Therapy, Tendon
Mobilization and Nerve Mobilization (the latter which are physical
therapy techniques).  Dr. Gene's background in rehab allows him to
functionally test his patients; which is a new and unique approach in
Mission Statement;
To utilize all of our resources to make a difference in your well being,
while keeping up with the latest manual therapy techniques, whether
chiropractic, massage or physical therapy techniques;  To restore your
strength, flexibility  and joint integrity through personalized
treatments;  Directly supervising your rehabilitation, allowing for the
subtle changes necessary to target your limitations, and to get
insights as to how your biomechanics are affected.   
Dr. Gene practices a Diversified Chiropractic technique (which means
different adjustments, specific to the restriction in movement).  He
also employs a traction table for Cox* flexion/distraction.  This
technique is essentially similar to the decompression therapy.
Board Certified by The American Board of Chiropractic
Rehabilitation - Diplomate Status
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist-National Strength and
Conditioning Association
Bachelor's of Science Degree in Biology Empire State College
Doctorate in Chiropractic  New York Chiropractic College 1998
National Board of Chiropractic Examiners National Certification
Pennsylvania Licence to practice Physiotherapy
Published ;Familial predisposition in cervicogenic disequilibrium, as it
relates to functional disturbances and somatotype, A Case Study
Dr. Eugene Serafim DC, DACRB, CSCS, FMS
About the Doctor