A Full Service Rehab Office

Our office is located at 307 Exton Commons.  We provide an energized
environment and a first class rehabilitative facility. Our staff includes an office
manager, care coordinator, and an experienced massage therapist that works
closely with the doctor to address the muscular portion of many musculo-skeletal
problems.  We strive for quality not quantity, and all rehabilitation is directly
supervised by the doctor.
We strive to provide a peaceful environment in which you don't feel rushed and
you can properly explain your problem to us.

We are located in Exton at the Exton Commons, suite 307, off of Swedesford Road,
behind the Exton Mall.  


The most important factor in improving any injury is an accurate diagnosis.  At
Kinetx, we pride ourselves on finding the root cause of the complaint with a
detailed history and physical exam.  Only then can the affected area be soothed
and an individual rehab program started.  Visits begin with you speaking with the
doctor.  Ample time is allowed to address all of your concerns.  Next, we often
begin treatment with pain relieving modalities which may include muscle
stimulation and massage.  Flexibility is then addressed, as we find most injuries
have inflexibility issues.  Only then will we attempt manipulation, after the area is
loose and prepared.  Adjustments are typically comfortable.   Finally, we
rehabilitate the area with individualized strengthening activities supervised by the
doctor.  We strive for personalized service individualized specifically for your
needs.  We use everything at our disposal to get you better.  Our multifaceted
approach integrates ergonomics, self-care programs, strengthening and injury
awareness through education.


Do not expect to find a simple solution for a complex problem.  Problems that took
months and years to develop are not likely to be relieved overnight.  While
occasionally patients are completely relieved of severe pain with just one
treatment, this is not the typical case.  While Chiropractic and the physiotherapies
enhance the healing response, the body tends to revert back to what it is
accustomed to (limited flexibility, weakness, protective postures and joint
instability).  This is the underling reason for continuing care with a regular
frequency.  Finally do not expect to sit and wait 45 minutes to see the doctor for a
2 minute adjustment, 3 times a week for a indefinite period of time. Kinetx puts
you on the fast track to healing with quality time and a specific.


You have tried everything:  medication, physical therapy, and injections - nothing
helped and your last resort is Chiropractic.  Kinetx is a good clinic for patients who
are fearful of having their neck manipulated.  We have a variety of techniques so
we can alter anything you may not be comfortable with.  Many of our new patients
are first time Chiropractic patients and they tend to be our biggest proponents after
they improve.
Kinetx successfully
treats and rehabs:
  • Shoulder
    including rotator
    cuff and frozen
  • Herniated
    “slipped” discs of
    the neck and back
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Tennis
  • Headaches
  • Sprains, strains
  • Hip, knee and
    ankle syndromes
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